blockchain security for guests of airbnb and other private rentals.

airproof is now available for Android! Get it for free on the Google Play Store.

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Are you renting apartments from private hosts? Are they present when you check out?

Oftentimes, when “checking out” from a private rental on airbnb or wimdu, you just leave the key on the table and close the door.
That’s fine… until it is not. 

  • The host claims you have broken something, or worse, stolen?
  • The host claims you left a mess, and wants to charge you for the clean-up?

When it is just their word against yours, you are out of luck, and your 5-star rating on the platform is in danger.
Sure, you can just take a snapshot with your phone’s camera, but how do you prove that it is from you checking in, not checking out?

Blockchain to the rescue!

At, we are all for simple solutions. Our solution is called airproof. 
airproof is a smartphone app. airproof lets you take a video of checking out of the apartment… just like your smartphone already does… and then:

  • it takes a digital fingerprint of that video, including the exact time and location.
  • it includes this fingerprint in a transaction of the Bitcoin Blockchain – one of the most secure and tamper-proof databases in existence. Your video never leaves your phone, and no personal data is transmitted.

Now, with the push of a button, you can prove:

  • The airproof video you have taken is from the exact time when you checked out
  • The airproof video was taken at the exact location of the apartment
  • The airproof video has not been changed in any way since then

Download it now on the Google Play Store!