airproof development roadmap

where we are - and what lies ahead
airproof v1: Greenfield

airproof v1: Greenfield

Development status: in beta testing
Release date:
Planned for October 2017

About the release:

Greenfield is our first release. Not a bare bones beta, but a fully functional product. Our “minimum lovable product”. We have tested it thoroughly over the last months and are happy to get it out to as many users as possible. If there are kinks which we did not catch, we will quickly put them to rest with 1.x releases.

We made the deliberate decision to start app production on android. As a team, we don’t have a fixed preference on one OS over the other. Please let us know if you’d use the app on iOS.

For this version, we deliberately left out any monetization – the app is free as in beer. This might change over time, as we add more value through features and/ or additional services. But don’t worry: All airproofs you take with this version are forever yours. There is a good reason we chose to add blockchain security: Whatever we put in there will remain there for as long as the bitcoin blockchain is in operation. The proof of your video will even work without the airproof app installed – go to to learn more.

BTW, The greenfield name also reflects in the color scheme of the app. We’ll be happy to disclose the history of that green tone over a beer (no, this is not a hidden monetization scheme after all, really :-> )


Main features:

  • Record an airproof 
    • Recording is as easy as it is with your on-device camera app
    • Automatic location setting via GPS
    • Fingerprint: Automatic SHA-256 hash generation for the video file
    • Blockchain security: Using the opentimestamps protocol, we put the fingerprint in a blockchain transaction of the bitcoin blockchain. You now have proof that this exact video has existed at the time of the blockchain timestamp and has not been tampered with.
    • Storage of the video file is local on the user’s device
  • My airproofs
    • See a list of all your airproofs with date and location, as well as the status of their blockchain fingerprint
    • Delete airproofs (all related data on your device, including the video file). This will render the blockchain fingerprint useless and cannot be restored!
    • Airproof detail view
      • See the exact resolved address and the raw GPS coordinates from where you took the airproof
      • Live check of the status of blockchain security
  • Offload airproofs from the app
    For users who wish to take their airproofs out of the app, but want to keep them safe, we offer the option to “offload” them. In v1, this is a semi-manual process. Wehave put together a quick tutorial with two easy steps. You’ll have to do it one by one, though – bulk offloading is part of our feature backlog and will be prioritized based on user feedback.

airproof v2: Reflect

Development status: planning
Release date:

About the release:

In the “reflect” release, we plan to take airproof to the next level. The release will focus on three main topics: Video security, blockchain verification speed and implementing user feedback.

Please note that this release is still in the planning phase. Timing and/or features may change significantly.


Main (planned) features:

  • video security:
    we are planning to offer a secure backup for your airproof videos. The fingerprint, saved in the blockchain, is only useful if you are in possession of the exact same video file – otherwise, the fingerprint cannot be reproduced. If you lose your device, or accidentally delete the file – you are out of luck. We’d like to change this.
    Storage will be handled off-chain, as the blockchain is not designed to act as file storage. Most likely, we will use an established third party service with a high level of security (e.g. encryption of the video files, physical server location in a favorable country regarding data privacy laws, etc.) and make sure that you, the user, have the only possible access to your unencrypted video.
  • Blockchain verification speed:
    Through opentimestamps we already achieve pretty good confirmation times – e.g. the time it takes from taking your video and submitting its fingerprint to the actual transaction being written in the blockchain and timestamped. We are looking at verious measure to improve this time still to be as accurate as possible – this might include using a different blockchain or accepting higher transaction fees to move the confirmation up in the queue of pending transactions on the blockchain. This may also turn out to be a paid feature, as we are striving to make airproof a self-sustaining service (thus we cannot incur lots of transaction costs for unlimited users and unlimited airproofs).
  • Implementing user feedback:
    As the title says, this is a wildcard. We are looking forward to what the community has to say about v1 and where this takes us. We are of course aware of “feature creep” – but we believe in the power of community and are more than willing to listen. Please use our user forums over at !

airproof vX: Backlog

Development status: planning
Release date:

About the backlog:

As we value transparency, we are also sharing our ideas which are not slated for development yet.

Please note that this backlog is just what we say it is – a repository of ideas and not-so-definite plans we have for airproof. This is all subject to change without prior notice.


Backlog items:

  • Transfer of airproofs between devices
  • airproof iOS app
  • web access
  • airproof for landlords